Our Group Partners
Products / Capabilities
Safe SpA, Italy Gas Technology, CNG Fuel Filling Station Equipment, Biogas
Wigersma & Sikkema, Netherlands Inspection System for Pressure Regulating Stations
Wigersma & Sikkema, Netherlands Smart metering – Volume Correctors, Data Logger
Paladon Systems, UK Valve Automation Solutions
MIR Valve, Italy Valves - SSIV, Actuated, Subsea, Topside, Manual Ball Valve
The Actuators Technology Co., Netherlands Actuators
Kiwa Technology, Netherlands Gas Technology Consulting
Cortland, UK Thermoplastic Umbilical for SSIV
Prysmian, Brazil Umbilical Cord & Composite Cable
Oasis Engineering, New Zealand Ultra Fast Fill System for CNG Stations
GFO Europe, Netherlands Rotary Positive Displacement (RPD) Gas Meter.
Turbine Gas Meter
Sirio Sistemi Electronicci, Italy Integrated Control & Supervisory Systems
Holosys, Croatia Smart Metering for Utilities – Gas & Water AMR
Spilling Energie Systeme GMBH Gas / Steam Expansion to Power