What We Do...

Eurotec’s primary business model is to operate as a value added partner and facilitator for technology providers (OEMs) based in advanced markets (mainly Western Europe & North America), serving India’s oil and gas industries. Engaging in complex, consultative, enterprise level sales and services over the past four decades, our client roster has grown to include most of India’s Oil & Gas majors. At the same time, our network of global partners (Principals) has grown to include reputed, specialty companies, many of whom occupy leading positions in their respective disciplines
Our Principal partners and customers enjoy our end-to-end support through all stages of any given project, from design and development, extending all the way to supply, installation and commissioning, followed by exceptional after-sales service
While a majority of our business was derived from direct sales of products/equipment, as part of our growth plan in 2011, management decided to gradually expand the breadth and depth of our business by: (a) Moving into new verticals within the Oil, Gas & Energy Sector and (b) Adding value to our customer and partner companies by extending the scope of our involvement (offering after sales support, spare parts supply and technical services)
This initiative led to the creation of EUROTEC in 2011, to cater to the needs of the Group’s Natural Gas & Energy Division. Over the past five years, Eurotec has developed exclusive partnerships with several OEMs offering unique solutions for various applications across the Oil, Gas & Energy value chain

What We Offer

Virtual Office:
For companies who wish to establish themselves in India, without the complexity and high cost of operating in local environment, EUROTEC offers its administrative infrastructure, business network and well-trained personnel. We partner and support global companies to help them achieve their business goals

Marketing & Sales:
Our company’s rich experience helps us provide deep and insightful knowledge related to the Indian market. This translates into developing marketing strategies that help our partners penetrate the competitive Indian market. We offer second sales professionals and marketing tools for our clients. Our strong presence in most major metros in India is an assurance of up-to-date information from all segments of the market

We invite proposals from Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) who wish to enhance their product competitiveness by taking advantage of the low-cost, high quality manufacturing, assembly & packaging capabilities available in India. Eurotec is already in the process of establishing local manufacturing activity for select products from its current portfolio. Contact us to discuss further on how we synergize for long-term value creation

After market Service & Support:
EUROTEC offers after sales maintenance support as well as just in time spare parts coordination